cactus 20

Cactus plants are known to survive under the extreme environments of the desert.  It has been clinically proven that the cactus fruit contains a plethora of essential nutrients such as potent antioxidants (7 times more powerful than Vitamin C), Vitamin A, B-1, B-12, D and Riboflavin.

In skincare use, these nutrients stimulate new skin cell production, collagen and elastin for firmness, elasticity and visibly softened lines.

But more importantly, it provides maximum hydration for the skin.

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Cactus2O Revitalizing Lotion

A unique blend of ingredients with our signature Cactus2O extract that creates a revitalizing lotion with instant hydrating and moisturizing effects. Enhances texture and clarity for a clearer, healthier appearance while diminishing pores and fine lines. Removes excess oil, lightly hydrates and soothes skin for an overall whitened complexion.

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Cactus2O Replenishing Toner

A gentle cushioning toner designed for all skin types. Infused with botanical ingredients, Cactus2O Replenishing Toner conditions and balances the skin while carefully minimizes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.

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Cactus2O Repairing Serum

Cactus2O Repairing Serum acts to visibly restructure skin by delivering intense hydration, collagen and elastin into the skin’s surface. Resiliency is restored, wrinkles are visibly reduced, slackened skin feels tightened and complexion is brightened.

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Cactus2O Purifying Cleanser

Cactus2O Purifying Cleanser penetrates deeply into the pores to eliminate impurities and excess oil from skin without causing irritation. Cactus2O extracts adds soothing hydration and energy for a refreshing effect.