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Super Growth Alaska King Salmon Fish Oil

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Super Growth Calcium + Vitamin D3

Super Growth Calcium + Vitamin D3 supplements the body to prevent calcium deficiency. Calcium is vital for the formation of strong bones and teeth and for the maintenance of healthy gums. It may lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels and help prevent cardiovascular diseases. It is important in the maintenance of a regular heartbeat and the transmission of nerve impulses.

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Dr. Select Lamb Placenta Softgel

Doctor’s Select Lamb Placenta Softgel is a proprietary formula utilizing high-tech low temperature extract to obtain the concentrate, which contains different growth factors, liquid regulator, essential amino acids, trace minerals, protein and hormones etc.   It helps improve the activity of the skin’s cells, enhance elasticity, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and improves smoothness

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Super Growth Bilberry Fruit Extract

A product you simply can’t take your eyes off.  Super Growth Bilberry Fruit Extract is rich in nutrients such as bioflavonoids and antioxidants and particularly Vitamins A and C, which are known to support the maintenance of healthy vision. The most active constituents in Bilberry are a unique group of flavonoids called Anthocyanisides. These are believed to support normal blood circulation and may promote healthy capillaries around the eyes. And there are lots of vital natural vitamins and minerals. This unique combination is nature's perfect nutritional package for eye health. 

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Super Growth Co Q-10 (CoenzymeQ -10)

Super Growth Co Q-10 is a natural antioxidant found in all human cells containing essential nutrients for numerous health benefits.  Co Q10 plays a crucial role in cellular energy production, specifically in the generation of energy for the body’s cells to function properly.  Super Growth Co Q-10 is beneficial for cardiovascular health by assisting in maintaining the normal oxidative state of LDL cholesterol, helps assure circulatory health, and supports optimal functioning of the heart muscle.  Moderate amounts of Co Q10 are found in foods, but the primary source of Co Q10 in the body is produced by the body itself. Co Q10 levels decrease with age and some cholesterol-lowering statin drugs can reduce Co Q10 production, which is why supplementing may be helpful to replenish Co Q10 levels in the body.


Super Growth Noni Capsules

Super Growth® Noni Capsules is harvested from the Noni fruit (morinda citrifolia) found in the South Pacific.  Often referred to as the "Polynesian Miracle Medicine”, Noni have been known and used for centuries in Polynesia and Asia as a vitamin and mineral rich natural food supplements. Noni has an abundance of naturally-occurring polysaccharides, phytonutrients, bioflavonoids and unique fatty acid esters contributing to Noni’s free radical quenching properties. We have captured the same healing powers for pain alleviation, anti-inflammation, lowering blood pressure, support healthy immune system function and protection against digestive and heart damage in an easy to take, every day capsule.

Super Growth Kid’s Healthy Brain – DHA

Super Growth Kid’s Healthy Brain – DHA is a major structural and functional elements of all membranes in the gray matter of the brain and the retina of the eye.  It is also a key component of heart tissue.  Therefore it is important for optimal brain and eye development in infants and children.  It has been shown to support brain, eye and cardiovascular health in adults.  It also has an important role in nerve transmission and in prevention of heart disease.


Super Growth Ultra Health PLus

A truly one of a kind dietary supplement, Super Growth® Ultra Health Plus combines all the beneficial effects of Fish Oil, Lecithin and Garlic.  Our advanced proprietary formula blends these valuable ingredients together to strengthen the cardiovascular system, improve memory, boost the immune system and reduce cholesterol levels.  You’ll experience improved endurance and energy, alertness and enhanced overall well-being.