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Doctor Select Skin Rejuvenator (Botox-Like Effect)

No needles.  No injections. Doctor Select Skin Rejuvenator contains a special blend of safe and effective, clinically proven formula that delivers a Botox® – Like Effect to diminish signs of aging.  With a collection of potent peptides to prevent collagen breakdown, your skin undergoes a gentle exfoliation process followed by a skin surface renewal cycle.  It has been formulated to encourage a muscle relaxing effect, preventing contraction and providing quick firmness that results in beautiful, crystal clear skin where spots are less visible, wrinkles are reduced, skin texture is more refined, firmness is improved and radiance is beautifully elevated.

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CellTech + Botox Alternative

Unlock timeless skin.  Inspired by cutting-edge science, Doctor Select introduces CellTech + Botox Alternative– the most advanced scientifically proven skincare to help maximize the results of all age-defying skincare routines. CellTech + is infused with two natural formulas: Phyto-stem cells and Botox-Like Effect which delivers powerful results and visible improvement from the first application. Time-fighting benefits intensify with daily use, bringing radiance, moisturization and smoothness to aging skin. With regular use, your facial zones appear visibly rejuvenated and your skin appears younger and more tightened.